Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So this year we had Christmas with Nathan's family. We stayed the night at his parents house and did the whole Christmas Eve and Christmas morning thing with his family this year. It was my Christmas away from home. It was nice though. His family is great :) Christmas morning we all woke up and opened our presents. I got Nathan a digital slr camera. He's been wanting one of those for a long time so I finally got one for him :) He was excited! And I finally got to surprise him. He's a hard one to surprise so I was pretty proud of myself haha. He got me a beautiful black pearl necklace that I've been wanting for awhile. And also some Disney Dvd's. I love Disney movies :) And I got a bunch of little other things as well. I won't sit here and list them off though. Here are a couple of pictures from our little Christmas, and our cute little Christmas Tree. Oh and Nathan thought it would be funny to put Foxy in our little ornament box...it's a fox in a box...haha...we thought it was funny. lol.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trip to Washington

So I was in Washington from October 3-12. It was really nice to see the family! I wish Nathan could have come with me, but he had to stay and work and go to school. But I got to see my cute new baby niece Hazel. She is so adorable! I loved seeing all the other nieces and nephews! They are just the cutest little things! I got to spend a lot of time with Stephanie and Alida. I got to play with Alida a lot and do crafts with her. She LOVES doing crafts! I loved seeing Stephane and spending time with her. I miss her. On Wednesday, my Mom and I had a girls day and went to lunch and went shopping and then went home and played Scrabble :) I love spending time with my mom! I miss it a lot! Thanks Mom, I love and miss you! I also got to spend some one on one time with my sister Jennifer! That was really nice because we NEVER get to do that. Thanks Jennifer! I had a Blast. I miss talking to you all the time. :( I wish I lived closer to everyone. Maybe one day :D I also got to hang out with my brother Danny and he cooked me some awesome spaghetti! That was SO SO SO yummy! I wish I could have seen Bobby and my Dad a little more. Good thing we're going back for Thanksgiving :) Thanks family for a Fun time! I love you all!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to California

Nathan and Claire


Francesca and her Uncle Nathan

Harold really likes the sand haha

Our Hike up Mt. Timpanogos

My little hiker man

The beautiful views

Me standing under a waterfall...I don't know if you can tell or not though.

Nathan being a buff hiker man and me dying with the elevation...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Washington DC

Nathan and I at an airport in DC.

Nathan at the Air and Space Museum

Nathan pushing Bryson in the wheelchair.

Nathan and I at the capitol.

Nathan and I at the White House

Nathan and I by the Washington Monument

Nathan and I at the DC temple


Nathan and I...we were in Amish country on a horse and buggy ride.

The horses stunk really bad!

New York City

We saw these guys on the street...it was amazing what they could do!

Nathan and I in Time Square

Nathan and I on top of the Empire State Building

The sacred Grove

It was so beautiful here! I love being in this place so much! It was so peaceful! It was so nice visiting this place with Nathan :D

Niagara Falls

The family, besides Nathan, he's taking the pic

Nathan and I

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our 2 1/2 week vacation

So these past two and a half weeks we were quite the little travelers. We started out flying from UT to Pittsburgh. From there, we drove to Kirtland, OH and did some church history stuff there. We got a tour of the temple, so that was pretty cool. After we were done in Kirtland, We drove to Buffalo, New York. We got there pretty late that night so we pretty much just went to sleep. The next day we drove to Niagara Falls and did that all day that day. That was way fun! We rode the boat called "Maid of the Mist." That was an awesome experience! After that we drove to Nathan's dad's uncle's house and we stayed there for the next couple of days while we did church history stuff. We went to Joseph Smith's farm that he grew up on, Saw the sacred grove, went to see the Palmyra pageant, Saw the Palmyra temple, and all that curch history stuff up in that area. It was way awesome! I reccomend everyone to go up there! After we did all the church history stuff in upstate New York, we drove down to NYC. We stayed in New Jersey and just went out to NYC everyday. We went to the empire state building, the statue of liberty, and took a tour around NYC on a bus. And of course, we went SHOPPING! That I must say was my favorite part of NYC. Oh and we took a speedboat ride out by the statue of libert. That was really fun! I enjoyed that a lot! In NYC it was so hot! It was like 95 degrees every day plus humidity, which = death. It was so so hot! And we had to be outside everyday. Nice and sweaty all day long. yummy yummy. haha! Anyway after that we drove to Philedelphia, PA where we saw the liberty bell and all that jazz. We saw where they make U.S. money. That was interesting. After we did the stuff in Philidelphia, we then drove down to Washington DC. We went around DC and Nathan showed us a lot of his mission area, places he served, where he lived, some investigators places that he taught. That was really fun to see where and what he did for those two years. I also was so impressed that he could go trackting in that kind of weather in long black pants and a tie. It was so deathly hot and I was in shorts and a t-shirt. I must say Nathan's amazing! Haha! He served in the richest counties in the U.S. Those were some nice houses I must tell ya. And Washington DC is so beautiful! It's so green and there's so many trees and bushes! I just loved it! Then we did all the touristy stuff to do in DC like tour the Washington Monument, Tour the Capitol, went to the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial. And all the war memorials there. We went to Mount Vernon and saw George Washington's house and farm and where he's buried. We also went to Arlington Cemetary where JFK is buried. So that's mostly what we did, there are probably a lot of little things I left out of there because I forgot because we did so much stuff, but we had a blast! It was really nice coming home though. It was a long vacation. And it's not as deathly hot here. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008