Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So this past weekend we went camping and we found the perfect little campsite. There were no neighbors around us and so we thought it was perfect. We set up our campsite and went for a little bit and then we left the campsite for a couple hours. When we came back there was this loud obnoxious family right next to us. They were very very loud and had lots of kids running around. We went to go make our fire and noticed that the firewood we had was gone. Someone took all our wood while we were gone. So we couldn't even make a fire. :( That was sad. So we just lit our lantern and sat around our lantern. We decided that we would carve sticks and see who could carve the coolest one. Of course Nathan did, I guess that's what happens when you're an eagle scout, haha! Anyway, so we did that or awhile. It was getting late about 10:30pm or so. Quiet time at our campsite was at 10pm. But our neighbors didn't care they were loud until like 11:30pm. They didn't care that people could be trying to sleep. They weren't quiet until someone came and said they would be kicked out if they weren't quiet. So we finally got to go to bed. We woke up the next morning at like 7am because the kids were walking right through our campsite right next to our tent talking really loud. That was fun. haha! So we finally got up, and the people were packing up to leave. We had to start packing up as well. We got up and We looked on the picnic table where we left our carved sticks and Nathan's was gone. They stole his stick. So our camping trip this past weekend was not the greatest, but I still had fun :)

Getting started :)

So I finally just caved in and got one of these blogs. :) So Nathan and I are doing great. We are living in Springville, UT. We are both going back to school in the fall. He's going to school to be a physicians assisstant, and I'm going to do some kind of physical education type thing. I forget what the technical name is. Nothing too new and exciting going on with us right now. Just getting ready for our super fun vacation to New York and DC. We are going to upstate N.Y. and seeing some church history stuff and then we're going to NYC, then off to Philidephia, and then on to DC. It's about a two and a half week vacation so we're super excited! But that's about all that's new with us. :D