Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trip to Washington

So I was in Washington from October 3-12. It was really nice to see the family! I wish Nathan could have come with me, but he had to stay and work and go to school. But I got to see my cute new baby niece Hazel. She is so adorable! I loved seeing all the other nieces and nephews! They are just the cutest little things! I got to spend a lot of time with Stephanie and Alida. I got to play with Alida a lot and do crafts with her. She LOVES doing crafts! I loved seeing Stephane and spending time with her. I miss her. On Wednesday, my Mom and I had a girls day and went to lunch and went shopping and then went home and played Scrabble :) I love spending time with my mom! I miss it a lot! Thanks Mom, I love and miss you! I also got to spend some one on one time with my sister Jennifer! That was really nice because we NEVER get to do that. Thanks Jennifer! I had a Blast. I miss talking to you all the time. :( I wish I lived closer to everyone. Maybe one day :D I also got to hang out with my brother Danny and he cooked me some awesome spaghetti! That was SO SO SO yummy! I wish I could have seen Bobby and my Dad a little more. Good thing we're going back for Thanksgiving :) Thanks family for a Fun time! I love you all!