Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Baby in the Family

This was the Ultrasound we got when we found out he was a boy. I was 20 weeks.

We're having a baby boy in February 2010! We're so excited! Right now I'm 26 weeks. The pregnancy has been going very well. Never had morning sickness or any other problems. Thank Goodness! I'm so very grateful for that. Oliver likes to kick and squirm around all day long. He even responds to pressure on the stomach. When I cross my arms and have them on my stomach he usually kicks me, he also has kicked Foxy (our dog) when he leans against my belly. Nathan has also been able to feel him quite a bit. It's such an awesome feeling to feel him moving around in there.

We do have a name picked out, his name will be Oliver Nathan Anderson. He's going to be the second grandchild, but the first boy on Nathan's side and he will be the 13th grandchild on my side. We just can't wait until he comes!