Monday, December 21, 2009

Trip to Washington

My parents came and visited us the week of Thanksgiving. We had a great time with them. We love to spend time with them. We also got to go to the Salt Lake Temple and do a session there. I had never been through that temple so it was a really neat experience. My parents were leaving Sunday (after Thanksgiving) and I drove back to Washington with them to visit. I stayed there a week and got to spend lots of time with the family. I had so much fun! I love seeing my family! Here are a few pictures from the trip.

My sister Laura and I...We're about 2 months apart. And we're both having boys!

My good friend Natasha and I. We're about a month apart. :)

My Niece Hazel being a cute little reindeer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Baby in the Family

This was the Ultrasound we got when we found out he was a boy. I was 20 weeks.

We're having a baby boy in February 2010! We're so excited! Right now I'm 26 weeks. The pregnancy has been going very well. Never had morning sickness or any other problems. Thank Goodness! I'm so very grateful for that. Oliver likes to kick and squirm around all day long. He even responds to pressure on the stomach. When I cross my arms and have them on my stomach he usually kicks me, he also has kicked Foxy (our dog) when he leans against my belly. Nathan has also been able to feel him quite a bit. It's such an awesome feeling to feel him moving around in there.

We do have a name picked out, his name will be Oliver Nathan Anderson. He's going to be the second grandchild, but the first boy on Nathan's side and he will be the 13th grandchild on my side. We just can't wait until he comes!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My 21st Birthday

For my 21st birthday, on Saturday, Nathan took me to lunch and we had a picnic in the rain. No worries, we ate underneath a covered area. Then we took a drive to Park City and he let me go shopping at the outlets there for my present! :) We were there for a few hours until I found some awesome clothes, then we came back down and went out to eat at a really super yummy Asian buffet. Then we watched a movie. Sunday, My actual birthday, I woke up and came down stairs and Nathan had the house decorated with balloons and streamers. He had flowers that he got for me sitting out on the counter along with a really cute card he made for me! He also made a tasty breakfast for me. :) He's the sweetest husband I could ever ask for! I like to be treated like a princess on my birthday and that's exactly what he did. :) Later, we went over to his parents house and they had a little party for me there. They got me a sweet bike, which I'm really excited to put to use! After we left his family's house, we went back to our place and went for a walk with our puppy Foxy, and while Foxy was running around the field, Nathan and I played frisbee. All in all, I had a GREAT birthday!

Weekend at Capitol Reef with the Family

The Family :)

Nathan and I

Me using my sweet jumping skills across the water

The Girlies


Me hiding in a little rock shelter

Nathan playing with Belle on an old plow thing

Nathan and I next to a sweet "monkey tree" as they call it

Mom, Dad, and Nathan

Dad, Austin, Bryson, Belle, Ashley, Me, and Nichelle by the horses.

For Spring break, we went to Capitol Reef with Nathan's family. The day before we went it snowed like 6 inches of snow! It didn't really stick, but we were hoping that the weather would be a little better over the weekend since we were going down south a little bit. Anyway, it ended up snowing on the way down there, and also it snowed in the night. We woke up with snow on our car. Nathan and I slept in our car with a memory foam pad. It was actually super comfortable because the seats in our car lay down pretty much flat. That way we didn't have to worry about setting up a tent. :) We got there Thursday night and we stayed until Sunday. We did all sorts of little hikes and things. It was a lot of fun! We LOVE camping!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun Weekend at Arches

Nathan and I in a sweet little cave

Nathan being a little monkey climbing up a wall and Bryson wishing he could :D

Nathan and I, He had to give me a huge hug because I was about ready to burst into tears because we just crossed a super high and scary rock, and I'm super duper scared of heights! What a sweet boy to save me :)

Me doing my sweet "model" pose in a sweet little desert area

Me in a sweet little cave

Nathan and I stuck in a little crevasse

Me and Bryson being gansta's

This is when we got lost at Sand Dune Arch when we went off on our own trail, Bryson was showing us where to go

Bryson, me, and Nathan hiking up to Delicate Arch

Me grabbing a sweet tractor magazine

Bryson and Nathan

Ashley and I hiding in a sweet little rock shelter

Nathan And I at "The Windows"

Ashley and I at Delicate Arch

Nathan and I on one of the hikes around Arches...It was soooo cold!

Ashley and I :D

A little crevasse we were hiking through

Brothers (Nathan and Bryson) Doing their cute model pose

Nathan got smashed by a boulder :0

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trip to Washington with the WHOLE Family :)

We went to Washington this past weekend. My mom Surprised my Dad for their anniversary and got everyone who didn't live there a ticket home to Washington. We haven't all been together for quite a few years so it was really fun to have everyone there. We got some family pics done, that was a bit difficult with all the little kiddos. Kristin came and visited. :) Thanks Kristin for coming to visit me! I love that we got to see you and get our little family picture together with our adopted daughter :D We had lots and lots of fun! Thanks everyone for a great time! And thanks Mom and Dad for flying us home! :)