Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So this year we had Christmas with Nathan's family. We stayed the night at his parents house and did the whole Christmas Eve and Christmas morning thing with his family this year. It was my Christmas away from home. It was nice though. His family is great :) Christmas morning we all woke up and opened our presents. I got Nathan a digital slr camera. He's been wanting one of those for a long time so I finally got one for him :) He was excited! And I finally got to surprise him. He's a hard one to surprise so I was pretty proud of myself haha. He got me a beautiful black pearl necklace that I've been wanting for awhile. And also some Disney Dvd's. I love Disney movies :) And I got a bunch of little other things as well. I won't sit here and list them off though. Here are a couple of pictures from our little Christmas, and our cute little Christmas Tree. Oh and Nathan thought it would be funny to put Foxy in our little ornament box...it's a fox in a box...haha...we thought it was funny. lol.